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Friday, March 8, 2013


Good Day and Hello

Scraps, stash no scraps.  I can't seem to toss fabric away, I have tubs and tote bags full to the brim of scraps.  I use small pieces when I'm appliqueing and on my folk art pieces, so I tell myself to save those small pieces.  I read somewhere on the Internet about a "Mile a minute quilt" what the heck is a mile a minute quilt so I did a bit of searching and hot diggity dam.., I found it and it sound like something that can bust those scrap tubs and tote bags.  Hey hey hey yippee.  Sound like a winner to me.  you can check it out Quiltingisstillmypassion.

I started with the tote bag of scraps and strips of fabrics (mostly 2.5 strips or smaller).  Stitch pieces to strips of fabric and it went on and on and on like this

My first attempt was much much longer. This is like my third beginning.   I have granted myself permission to work on this project for two hours a week.  Yes, sometimes, I just sew scraps onto the strips, other times I cut them apart and start over again. 

This is a small sample of what the cuts look like      ----->

The idea is to get a piece large enough to cut a block.  I cut mine into 6.5 inch squares. I have close to 125 6.5" blocks.  Am I ready to do a quilt, you bet I am.  Below are blocks and the beginning of my scrappy quilt.  Let me know what you think about my scrap busting adventure.  I hope it knock those scrapes down. 

I use a 6.5" ruler and do a wonky cut  --->

I plan to use nine blocks down and maybe seven or eight across. Later I will do a rough draft.

 Do you have a tip or trick to your scrape busting? Will you please share them with me!!!

Go visit my hometown girls at "Wee Bee Quilting".

Piece and prayers till the next time.


  1. Deb I love how you're busting your scraps! The blocks are beautiful, I look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  2. Thanks Linda, I want to start on my Christmas quilt, maybe add it to my BOM stack. You do inspire me.

  3. Debbie, I am a scrappy kind of girl also. I save some of the tiniest pieces, and never seem to have to throw them out. Every once in a while I go through them while sitting watching a movie or on the patio looky-luing and colorize a few. Then I decide whether is good as a strip or just a piece, and sometimes I separate them into lights or darks. I have yards and yards of fabric, but it is something about a scrap that intrigues me. Keep on scrap quilting.

  4. Thanks Carol. My next try will be a strip quilt with the scraps.