Do Not Ask the Lord to guide your foot steps, if you are Not willing to Move your Feet.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Medallion Collage

Good Afternoon and Hello, I thought I would share one of my projects.  I found this while looking for something and said to myself it's about time to do something with this collage.  Did I mention this was at 2 AM in the morning.  One of those sleepless nights in California.  This is one of my favorite blocks.  I cut and pieced all the sections, so it's not sewn together but I put it on the design wall to see how it would look, I was satisfied and around 4:30 AM went to bed.  Hopefully, I'll not wait for another sleepless night to finish it..  Trying to decide what to use for binding.  I found a piece of Zebra stripe fabric (black on white) not sure, maybe solid red.  Black is not an option for me.  Also thought about this piece of red/black/green stripe fabric in my stash.  Any suggestions for me????

Piece and Prayers till the next time

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Craftsy's Block of the Month - 2013

Hello and Good Day to you all,  I joined the Craftsy Block of the Month this year and can you believe it, I'm up-to-date.  Take at look

January: Offset Log Cabin

February Spring Blooms (practice my "Y" seams

March: Economy Block  (how to re-size a block)

This will keep me posting at least once a month.  Although my goal is to post something once a week.

This is the Economy Block for March

I'm also in another BOM but I'm a bit behind - it's  hand embroidery blocks.  For whatever reason, I can't seem to start.  I tried, but just not there.  And it's very straight forward stitching just can't start......

Y'all have a great Air Force day and till later

Piece and Prayers


Monday, April 1, 2013

Doll Quilt Swap

Well Hello and Good morning to you, okay, I love swapping so I joined a monthly doll quilt swap (size 12" x 12" to 24" x 24" and anything in between). If the size fall a bit too short or large, no problem at all. Any technique of you or your partner(s) choice.  I only sign up for one exchange.  The quilt must have a binding.  I can do that!!!!  I finished my first DQ and forgot to take a finish photo but I have this almost finished photo, see it below

I plan to use this as a way to perfect my skills and try new techniques. I love hand applique, therefore, the dress and headwrap is hand appliqued and I want to start embellishing, so I did some beading - earrings, necklace and arm bracelet.  The quilting was done by hand using long stitches with Perle 8 thread/floss.  At this point, just a portion of the mask was quilted using black Perle.  I didn't want to let it go but................... 

And I received from my partner (Rwquilts of QuiltingBoard) a gorgeous Wonky House Doll Quilt.  I love it and I have several wonky houses I've made and I see a newly develop neighborhood of wonky/funky homes under construction.  Here is a photo of the DQ and my goodies that came with it, a lavender sachet in a handmade bag, a bar of her handmade soap (Cherry Almond) oh my gosh, it smells so gooood.  The soap was also in a mini small handmade bag and two purse size notepads.  Am I a lucky girl, oops, Am I a lucky woman or what.  Yes, I'm a woman, I get up in the morning and put the bacon on to fry, I come home in the evening cook and yes, I forgot the lyrics but I bet all of you remember the tune.

I'm also doing the BOM on Craftsy.  So please check back later to see my January/February and March BOMs.  Working on April's in between working on a "I Spy" quilt and a baby quilt.  Hey, why don't I just give you a peek of the two.

 Yes, this is the "I Spy" and I have about 68 or so blocks. Ran out of blue and red fabric.  Hope I can find a match or close to it.

And this came from my stack of UFOs, can't you tell by how wrinkled it is  lol.  The pattern called for appliqued stars in two corners, one in the top and one on the bottom.  Not sure if that's the way I want to go.  I might leave it as it is or applique something, can I get some suggestions??????

Okay, time for me to go and get some fresh air. 

Piece and Prayers till the next time,