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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Welcome and Hello,

 have you heard the expression "pay it forward"?  You do something nice for another person, whether you know them or not, and they in-turn repay you by doing something for another person and on and on and on.  Well, Ms. Jean(ie) at Heartfulblessings is doing something similar and calling it "Do Something Nice".  I'm going to tag along with her.  You can stop by her place and read more about it HERE.  Have a great read, I did.

Piece and Prayers til the next time

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Back

Gee, I didn't realize it's been so long since my last post.  Anyhoo  WELCOME and HELLO---- I'm still doing my Granny duties at my daughters' home.  I brought my sewing machine, couple of projects but, I am still missing things I need to use and they're NOT HERE AT HER HOUSE.  Come January, I'll return to my own nest.  Thanks for letting me rant a bit.

In an earlier post, I showed pics of a Christmas panel I wanted to make for three houses, well, I'm still on numero uno and I do believe the other two will be for Christmas 2013.  It's taking me much longer to do than I thought it would.  It's a panel and should be a quick project, I planned to just do a few straight lines (my quilting foot is at my house)  and add a few embellishments right?  Oh no, not me, I have to outline Santa Clause,  the tree, can't leave the teddy bear unlined and darn it the little rag doll , what? there is a Christmas stocking too!!  Yeah, yeah, yeah  I did them all plus more

and now I'm doing the  "Tis the Seasoning".  I still have the trinkets for embellishments  but I'm going to let the Grands do that part so they're have some ownership of making their wall hanging.

               Too late now but it could use a larger border.  Oh well.......

After I do the binding, I'll hang it, daughter Kim, will hang it and I'll post the final quilt!!!!

Piece and prayers til the next time,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it TOO late to start Christmas sewing!!!!

Welcome and hello, time does not weight oops wait (yeah, yeah my weight is on my mind and body) anyway, for anyone, it just keep on moving.  While I was looking through my stash for Christmas theme fabrics I found these two UFOs, yes, I pull them out and will finish them.  Both are sandwich and one is partially quilted.  Can't remember why I didn't finish them, must have been too close to the Big day and time just ran out.

So, I'll finish them up within the next week.  The Angel is the partially quilted piece so that shouldn't take too long and the tree, well it looks a bit bare so I think I might embellish a little with some ornaments and presents underneath.

The reason for going though the stash - I have three Christmas panels I want to do for (1) Grand kids, (2) kids I used to Nanny to and (3) two brothers in my neighborhood that adopted me as a "stand-in" Grandma.  My grands will embellish their own panel and I'll do the others as a gift. I know it's a little like cheating but time is running out and I really want to do this.  Please Ms. Quilt Police, don't get me, get that gal playing by the rules..

It's not a large panel and should be fun to do.


Do you participate in challenges your quilting guild/club/bee hold during the year???  I do and our 2012 Challenge was to make something from pieces of decorator's fabrics - the fabrics that's you choose from the heavy books in stores.  The coordinator placed several pieces in a brown paper bag, whatever is in your bag is what you use.  You can make any thing you want, it can be wearable (vest, coat, apron etc...) or tote bag, handbag, quilt or wallhanging - the choice is yours.  Well I did a wallhanging. Take a look

the flower is 3D - each petal is sewn separately and there are four layers.

Unfortunately for me I wasn't at the meeting, I went to my home town to visit my family and friends for close to three months.  So I didn't get to see what the others produce. Oh yeah, I left my piece with a friend to submit for me.  They display entries around the room and the guild vote on the most original, creative etc.  I hope they have pictures at the Christmas party this weekend.  That remind me, I need to get a yard a fabric for the gift exchange.  Back to my stash, I go.  Trying not to buy fabric, need to use what I have.  It's sooo hard to do  &$&&&^^^(&^%^$%$%^$

Thanks for stopping by, I need to start on that Christmas panel and the two UFOs

Piece and prayers till the next time


Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Greetings

Welcome and Hello, I'm taking a break from sewing to let everyone know that there is a new blog in town - when you have a little time in your schedule check out WeeBee Quilting.  They are oops, my quilting Bee in Maryland (since I moved to sunny California, they tagged me as Honorary member).  Heck, as long as I'm a member of the group, that's fine with me.  It's an awesome group of ladies with loads of talents.  So check them out and don't forget to become a follower, I sure did!!

Piece and prayers till later

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Going to start on my feast for tomorrow.

Have a blessed day

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


February 2012, Carolyn Burgess AKA Lady Scrapbag, presented a Red and White Quilt Exhibit at the Art Enables Off-Rhode Studio in Washington, DC.  Contributing Quilt Artist were members of the Uhuru Quilting Guild, Daughters of Dorcas and WeeBee Quilters.

I submitted a wall hanging which I machined pieced, hand embroidered and quilted.  The quilting was done in large stitches and I used red and white fabric given to me from my California guild members "Vallejo Piecemakers Club" of Vallejo, CA.

I wasn't able to attend the exhibit opening, heck, I wasn't able to attend the exhibit at all.  But I sent a request to my family and friends and they
represented me well.

I wish someone would have a class in "hand" embroidery.  I have several books on embroidery but can't always follow the directions.  So, I just have to hang in there and practice and practice and practice so more.              

I can't flip this picture around, so forgive me if you have to crank your neck to see it.  Will post a better photo shot when I do figure it out.   I didn't bring the design board so I cannot get a better picture.  Will post a better photo shot when I do figure it out.   Enjoy my creation.


Things I'm thankful for:

- my family and friends
- each day my Lord and Savior blesses me with another day and for
- all the brave military men and women 

Piece and Prayers till the next time


Welcome and Hello, I'm just totally thrilled to report that one UFO is a "check-off" on my long list of UFOs.  Yippee hooray.  I'm staying at my DDs' house and brought six UFOs to work on but forgot to bring my quilting foot and of course most of them needed what?  You guessed it - QUILTING.  Anyhoo, This was an "ART" quilt monthly challenge on the "Quilting Board."  Each month there is a theme and you challenge yourself to do a small/mini quilt for yourself, no swapping.  Yes, I'm dabbling in art quilting.  The challenge theme was to do something "cool and refreshing".  Right off the back an image from my childhood jump to mind. During the summer months, the fire department would come to our neighborhood and open the fire hydrants so us intercity kids could cool off.

It was a lot of fun to get  wet with      
your cloths on.  What y'cha think?  Did I succeed with that cool and refreshing theme?

It's fused appliqued and hand quilted with Perle 8 thread/cotton/yarn.

Piece and prayers till the next time

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Something Old, Something fairly New

Welcome and Hello,

I have this book "Patchwork Folk Art" by Janet Bolton and after I finished reading it (2007), I did this

It's machined piece, hand appliqued and quilted.  I plan to do more of this folk art type quilts.  I love it - it was soo much fun.

AND this piece was done last year (2011) I had an empty spot on one of my walls and rather than hang a picture, I thought why not a mini quilt. One of the quilts hanging at The Fabric Peddler Shop pop to mind and this is my version of

Carolyn Burgess' (aka Lady Scrapbag)  quilt. And yes, I did ask for permission to improvise so stop thinking copy right law - thank you very much. It's 16" x 16", hand appliqued and quilted.

I think I have a photo of Carolyn's quilt, let me see if I can find the folder real quick, be right back.
Oh yeah, I found it.  This was my inspiration for the above quilt.

 Don't let this be your last visit and do become a follower on my blog.

Piece and Prayers till the next time

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blogger In Training

Good morning and hello,

I'm going into my training mode.  Reading all there is to know about blogging and then more.  When I'm finished, there will be stuff on the sidebar, a counter and I don't know what else, I just said I was in training!!

Take care

Piece and prayer till next time,
Debbra / Debbee

Monday, November 12, 2012

Guess What?????

Good evening and Hello

My daughter, Kim, started a new job (thank you Lord) today and I am now performing duties as chauffeur and chef along with being the Granny - while she's in training/probation.  Don't want her risk being late or missing a day.  Anywhoo, I brought my sewing stuff down to work on my UFOs.  Of course most of them needed quilting and Guess what I forgot to pack?  Yeah, you guess it - my QUILTING FOOT, can't quilt a stitch without it, uh, hand quilt, oh no no no not the big quilts minis and wall hangers yes but not these.  I was so glad that I packed a few other things from that huge mound of UFOs.  Thank goodness I was able to sew.  Let me back up for a minute, I was able to work on one of the two small quilts on my UFO list.  Will post a picture later.

Thanks to all military gals and guys for letting me sleep soundly at night while they're on watch here and abroad.  And most definitely all Veterans for your service.  Although, I'm retired military, my service was during peace time.

Please hang in here with me, while I work this blogging stuff out.  I need help with adding things to my side bar.  Will get there, I'm sure.  I cannot wait to participant in a blog hop or something.  Felicia  The Slow Quilter, I'll be sending smoke signals for help, you too Charlene Quilting With CharBee and Sandra Sistah Stitch Alot and anyone else out there.  I need HELPPPPPP.

Check on Mondays' for my Quote of the Week:

  "Life is too short to be anything but happy"

Piece and Prayers till the next time


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Place Mat or is it Placemat??

I want to see how loading a picture works, so I said to self "post a picture of your place mat".  I received a package with several hand embroider designs and decided to do place mats.  A friend made place mats with a theme for each month. So I thought, why not use the designs and make me a place mat for each month, right.  Well, I finish my first one and guess what, I cannot bring myself to eat off of it, you know what I mean, put a plate of food on it.  This is a picture of it.  I hope this works

It worked!!!!!  I thought I took a picture of the finish mat but I couldn't find it but trust me, it's binded.  I just need to put a plate on top of it.  We will see.

Thanks again for stopping by and don't let this be your last visit!

Piece and prayers till the next time
Debbra aka Debbee
Thanks for stopping by to check me out, not too sure how to start this blogging thing so I'll just start with whatever my thoughts tell my fingers to type.  Whoa, hold on there, one thing at a time, okay.  Thanks.  Too many thoughts floating around and my fingers are a bit slow.  I'll share my quilting adventures with you, this way I just might finish some of those darn UFOs hanging around my sewing room, oops, my sewing STUDIO.  I have loads of projects waiting for me to start and just as many waiting for me to finish them. 

 So, I, Debbee, pledge to my readers, that I will complete the following 5 (five) UFOs and I must add my daughter's quillow to the list or I'll never hear the end of it.  So, that's 6 (six) quilts by, oh heck no, you'll never get me to put a "complete by date", no way, no way.  We'll do the pinkie swear.  The 5 UFOs : not in any order, whichever one I pick up first.

1 - Vallejo Piecemakers' Guild 2009 Round Robin - need to quilt, square-up and binding
2 - Sudoku Quilt - need quilting, square-up etc
3 - Online Challenge 2011 - select a backing, sandwich, quilt etc etc
4 - Jelly roll race - have backing, need to sandwich etc
5 - two small wall hangings that needs quilting (2 quilts counting as 1, I'm crazy)
6 - daughters quillow

Will post pictures as I start to work on these projects.  Since I'm making myself accountable for finishing them, this might just work Yippieeeeeee.

Piece and prayers till the next time,