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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanks for stopping by to check me out, not too sure how to start this blogging thing so I'll just start with whatever my thoughts tell my fingers to type.  Whoa, hold on there, one thing at a time, okay.  Thanks.  Too many thoughts floating around and my fingers are a bit slow.  I'll share my quilting adventures with you, this way I just might finish some of those darn UFOs hanging around my sewing room, oops, my sewing STUDIO.  I have loads of projects waiting for me to start and just as many waiting for me to finish them. 

 So, I, Debbee, pledge to my readers, that I will complete the following 5 (five) UFOs and I must add my daughter's quillow to the list or I'll never hear the end of it.  So, that's 6 (six) quilts by, oh heck no, you'll never get me to put a "complete by date", no way, no way.  We'll do the pinkie swear.  The 5 UFOs : not in any order, whichever one I pick up first.

1 - Vallejo Piecemakers' Guild 2009 Round Robin - need to quilt, square-up and binding
2 - Sudoku Quilt - need quilting, square-up etc
3 - Online Challenge 2011 - select a backing, sandwich, quilt etc etc
4 - Jelly roll race - have backing, need to sandwich etc
5 - two small wall hangings that needs quilting (2 quilts counting as 1, I'm crazy)
6 - daughters quillow

Will post pictures as I start to work on these projects.  Since I'm making myself accountable for finishing them, this might just work Yippieeeeeee.

Piece and prayers till the next time,

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