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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it TOO late to start Christmas sewing!!!!

Welcome and hello, time does not weight oops wait (yeah, yeah my weight is on my mind and body) anyway, for anyone, it just keep on moving.  While I was looking through my stash for Christmas theme fabrics I found these two UFOs, yes, I pull them out and will finish them.  Both are sandwich and one is partially quilted.  Can't remember why I didn't finish them, must have been too close to the Big day and time just ran out.

So, I'll finish them up within the next week.  The Angel is the partially quilted piece so that shouldn't take too long and the tree, well it looks a bit bare so I think I might embellish a little with some ornaments and presents underneath.

The reason for going though the stash - I have three Christmas panels I want to do for (1) Grand kids, (2) kids I used to Nanny to and (3) two brothers in my neighborhood that adopted me as a "stand-in" Grandma.  My grands will embellish their own panel and I'll do the others as a gift. I know it's a little like cheating but time is running out and I really want to do this.  Please Ms. Quilt Police, don't get me, get that gal playing by the rules..

It's not a large panel and should be fun to do.


Do you participate in challenges your quilting guild/club/bee hold during the year???  I do and our 2012 Challenge was to make something from pieces of decorator's fabrics - the fabrics that's you choose from the heavy books in stores.  The coordinator placed several pieces in a brown paper bag, whatever is in your bag is what you use.  You can make any thing you want, it can be wearable (vest, coat, apron etc...) or tote bag, handbag, quilt or wallhanging - the choice is yours.  Well I did a wallhanging. Take a look

the flower is 3D - each petal is sewn separately and there are four layers.

Unfortunately for me I wasn't at the meeting, I went to my home town to visit my family and friends for close to three months.  So I didn't get to see what the others produce. Oh yeah, I left my piece with a friend to submit for me.  They display entries around the room and the guild vote on the most original, creative etc.  I hope they have pictures at the Christmas party this weekend.  That remind me, I need to get a yard a fabric for the gift exchange.  Back to my stash, I go.  Trying not to buy fabric, need to use what I have.  It's sooo hard to do  &$&&&^^^(&^%^$%$%^$

Thanks for stopping by, I need to start on that Christmas panel and the two UFOs

Piece and prayers till the next time



  1. I like the flower. the 3D effect is cool with the petals. Using a panel isn't cheating. Is it? I don't think so...

    1. Thanks Jeanie, once I'm done I hope it doesn't have that cheater look. But, but if it does, so be it!!!