Do Not Ask the Lord to guide your foot steps, if you are Not willing to Move your Feet.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Greetings

Welcome and Hello, I'm taking a break from sewing to let everyone know that there is a new blog in town - when you have a little time in your schedule check out WeeBee Quilting.  They are oops, my quilting Bee in Maryland (since I moved to sunny California, they tagged me as Honorary member).  Heck, as long as I'm a member of the group, that's fine with me.  It's an awesome group of ladies with loads of talents.  So check them out and don't forget to become a follower, I sure did!!

Piece and prayers till later

1 comment:

  1. Already following :-)
    I wanna be an honorary member too! They look like they have soo much fun!