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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Something Old, Something fairly New

Welcome and Hello,

I have this book "Patchwork Folk Art" by Janet Bolton and after I finished reading it (2007), I did this

It's machined piece, hand appliqued and quilted.  I plan to do more of this folk art type quilts.  I love it - it was soo much fun.

AND this piece was done last year (2011) I had an empty spot on one of my walls and rather than hang a picture, I thought why not a mini quilt. One of the quilts hanging at The Fabric Peddler Shop pop to mind and this is my version of

Carolyn Burgess' (aka Lady Scrapbag)  quilt. And yes, I did ask for permission to improvise so stop thinking copy right law - thank you very much. It's 16" x 16", hand appliqued and quilted.

I think I have a photo of Carolyn's quilt, let me see if I can find the folder real quick, be right back.
Oh yeah, I found it.  This was my inspiration for the above quilt.

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Piece and Prayers till the next time

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