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Monday, November 12, 2012

Guess What?????

Good evening and Hello

My daughter, Kim, started a new job (thank you Lord) today and I am now performing duties as chauffeur and chef along with being the Granny - while she's in training/probation.  Don't want her risk being late or missing a day.  Anywhoo, I brought my sewing stuff down to work on my UFOs.  Of course most of them needed quilting and Guess what I forgot to pack?  Yeah, you guess it - my QUILTING FOOT, can't quilt a stitch without it, uh, hand quilt, oh no no no not the big quilts minis and wall hangers yes but not these.  I was so glad that I packed a few other things from that huge mound of UFOs.  Thank goodness I was able to sew.  Let me back up for a minute, I was able to work on one of the two small quilts on my UFO list.  Will post a picture later.

Thanks to all military gals and guys for letting me sleep soundly at night while they're on watch here and abroad.  And most definitely all Veterans for your service.  Although, I'm retired military, my service was during peace time.

Please hang in here with me, while I work this blogging stuff out.  I need help with adding things to my side bar.  Will get there, I'm sure.  I cannot wait to participant in a blog hop or something.  Felicia  The Slow Quilter, I'll be sending smoke signals for help, you too Charlene Quilting With CharBee and Sandra Sistah Stitch Alot and anyone else out there.  I need HELPPPPPP.

Check on Mondays' for my Quote of the Week:

  "Life is too short to be anything but happy"

Piece and Prayers till the next time


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