Do Not Ask the Lord to guide your foot steps, if you are Not willing to Move your Feet.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Welcome and Hello, I'm just totally thrilled to report that one UFO is a "check-off" on my long list of UFOs.  Yippee hooray.  I'm staying at my DDs' house and brought six UFOs to work on but forgot to bring my quilting foot and of course most of them needed what?  You guessed it - QUILTING.  Anyhoo, This was an "ART" quilt monthly challenge on the "Quilting Board."  Each month there is a theme and you challenge yourself to do a small/mini quilt for yourself, no swapping.  Yes, I'm dabbling in art quilting.  The challenge theme was to do something "cool and refreshing".  Right off the back an image from my childhood jump to mind. During the summer months, the fire department would come to our neighborhood and open the fire hydrants so us intercity kids could cool off.

It was a lot of fun to get  wet with      
your cloths on.  What y'cha think?  Did I succeed with that cool and refreshing theme?

It's fused appliqued and hand quilted with Perle 8 thread/cotton/yarn.

Piece and prayers till the next time

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